Tia Ana has a variety of menus for group festivities including weddings and baptisms. 

We have 2 different rooms available and 2 outside sitting areas which you can chouse from. 

Contact us to know more ... reservas@tiaana.pt 

Tia Ana
Tia Ana

Tia Ana have take-away service.

The menu will be the same. You can check it on the the "MENU" tab.

Orders by phone (289 012 541) can be collected in the restaurant on the same schedule.

Tia Ana

Visit Aunt Ana's Blog

In the Blog "Fish and other flavors", Tia Ana publishes some recipes and curiosities about different subjects, but always related to cooking.
Below is a small example of what you can find there.

Almond trees, the snow of Algarve

Today there are few almond trees, but in the old days when large fields were covered with almond trees, by the time they bloomed, between december and februery, the field seemed covered with snow.

There is a story about the arabe king, Ibn-Almudim, when Algarve was called Al-Garb. He had a nordic wife (her former prisoner) who became ill without apparent cause.
An old prisoner, from her land, told the king that the queen´s illness was longing for the snow of her country and so the king order the plantation of almond trees throuh the fields, so that every year the queen, from her window, could relive her memories of her distant country. ......


Lunches at Tia Ana

The Tia Ana restaurant, in addition to the usual dishes on the menu, offers its customers, on weekday lunches, some interesting and tasty alternatives. Every day Chef Ricardo cook with great enthusiasm and professionalism a starter, a soup, a meat dish, a fish dish and a vegetarian dish that are available to those who visit us. Aunt Ana with love and affection prepares two options for dessert that are added to the always tasty fruit salad, this one with fruits from our farm whenever available.

Come and try our concept and our delicious dishes ... you will not regret it.


Tia Ana Events

At Tia Ana we have the perfect space for anyone who wants to organize any type of event with us. We have two rooms, one with a capacity to comfortably serve 40 guests and another with a capacity for 60 guests. We can hold baptisms, weddings, birthdays, dinner partys, product presentations, meetings and other events.

Come and see for yourself ...


The weekend on Tia Ana's

On weekends Tia Ana offers some special dishes that complement the already very interesting menu. Weekend offers can vary between starters, main courses and desserts. The aim of these treats is to reward the customer with gastronomic diversity and to make each visit a new experience.

Stop by on the weekend to test the chef's skills ...

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