Some history about Tia Ana's restaurant

Carvalho's family tale and its tribute to "Tia Ana"

Who was Tia Ana ??

Born in 1886 in Póvoa da Rainha Santa, Coimbra, my maternal grandmother, due to poverty in Portugal, early emigrated with her husband to the USA. Her sweetness and goodwill, the love and dedication to her children, and the patience, perseverance and perfection in all the tasks she performed, were an inspiration for my life. Renowned for being neat in the kitchen, her perfection of execution and delicate taste, led me to want to do more and better. The joy of food and the pleasure of having friends around the table, sharing good food, happily enjoying each other's company, in milder or more heated conversations, led me to the dream of owning a small restaurant, where I could sit at the table a lot more friends.


Our concern for the environment is a priority. We produce most of our energy using solar panels, hot water is also provided by the sun; we minimize plastic packaging and whenever possible, select local suppliers for the goods that we can’t produce in the farm.

Why a restaurant?

I have always enjoyed having friends over and sharing a good meal with them ... a restaurante is justa a big house isn't it?? 
After several years, I finally managed to fulfill the dream of building a house where I can have my friends and the friends of my friends to share a meal.


We embrace the Mediterranean Diet as a whole, not only in food, as it is also a cultural and sociological concept.
The composition of our dishes will not forget the roots of our gastronomy but it will also respect the characteristics of the Mediterranean Diet, such as simple confection, the high consumption of locally produced vegetables respecting seasonality, the consumption of legumes, the preferential use of olive oil, seasoning with aromatic herbs as and the availability of fresh fish from our sea and national meats.
We hope that our menu, together with our facilities and staff may provide pleasant moments that would help to reinvigorate your day. 

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